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Succulent   WIP1 by teiirka
Succulent WIP1
11" x14" graphite pencil sketch to be used to transfer line to drawing paper for color pencil finish.

Kinda got a little bit more into the detail on only a sketch but as I mentioned in my journal, I was inspired. :)

I had fun sketching. I'll have more fun coloring!

Foliage will be added or rearranged as I go. 

As always, critique and suggestions welcome.
Watching Over the Herd by teiirka
Watching Over the Herd
9" x 12" color pencil with a bit of Copic marker and micron pen. 

The lead stallion watches his tribe herd from his private secluded observation point.

I've drawn a number of equines of late because they are fun to draw and inherently sexy and I love zebras especially because I love doing stripes. A friend recently, highly recommended that I do a stallion as I don't do enough males. (Way True) Yeah, equines are super sexy, female or male. 

I will be picking at the shading for a couple days but I gotta call this guy done, he's way overworked as it is, but as always, I am very open to critique and suggestions.
Eclectic by teiirka
~ My faith is my own. It was assembled from the shards of others and pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle, using the fragments that had form, that made sense, to create something new, yet still ancient. Basic. Untarnished by those who would abuse it as has been done to others throughout the ages.
It is my own and in it, I have faith. ~

9" x 11" color pencil with a smudge of micron pen and gel pen.

Once again, this was suppose to be a simple pin-up. *heavy sigh* Could someone teach me how to do simple?

A hog-pog of elements from different cultures. She's suppose to be an arctic fox. I'll try better next time. 
Yeah I know, not a full lotus.
only one thing that REALLY bugs me. Guess what it is.

I'll be picking at her for a few days so I'm still open for critique and suggestions.

I'll try for a better photo, it's a bit blury.
I'll Keep You Warm, I'll Keep You Safe by teiirka
I'll Keep You Warm, I'll Keep You Safe
6" x 8" color pencil 

Another small, quick piece I want to finish for RMFC art show. (stupid BG took longer than her!)

This is something I rarely do, make up a species. 

She's feline for the most part but an alien species to this world and possibly to this universe. She was the lone survivor when her small starship crashed and was buried, high in the Himalayas in the 13th century. She is nearly immortal as long as she remains close to her partially functioning craft, but she also cannot venture far, for Earths atmosphere is not quite suitable to her species and she must return to the ship at least once a day. She remained alone for almost four hundred years till one day, a human fell, nearly dead from hypothermia, at the entrance to her ship....

Her race is telepathic and has never had a spoken language although they do vocalize much like earth felines with much the same meanings. They also instinctually use body language, again, much like earth house cats. They communicate with thought words and images and empathic transmissions of mood and to some extent, physical sensation. Between her own species, it is controlled and is to them, no more than our language is to us. But when the human literally fell at her doorstep, she quickly learned that he received her telepathic, and especially empathic, transmissions unchecked and he acted almost as if they were his own. 

This will be for sale at the RMFC art show

Tigress Will Be Tigress by teiirka
Tigress Will Be Tigress
..they can't help but be sultry..

5.5" x 7" color pencil

Wanted to try something small. I like it and will do more portraits and non full body pieces.

I was playing with lighting and changed light sources in mid stream but I don't care, I like her. Still picking at her and will be for a couple more days so comments/critique welcome as always. Some changes have been made already.

This will be for sale at the RMFC art show.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an anthro / traditional artist. I draw mostly realistic using color pencil but am starting to experiment with mixed media.
In Highschool-mid 70's- I experimented with various media buy settled with graphite or ink-mostly ink. stopped drawing in 1979. A youg fox I know got me started again March 2010.(A 31 year dry spell) Tried color pencil for the first time and have used nothing else since. I draw almost daily but complete a pic only once every week or 2 as I have a tendancy to do rather large pics with heavy detail. I don't care if it takes me so long, it's what I like doing.
I very much welcome critique, good or bad, especially the nit-picking kind as it is how I learn.
No formal art ed. I just learn by doing. Right now I try and do something a little different each pic.

(*** Will post of my stuff this weekend. Mostly whats posted on FA. Finaly getting active on DA. Yea! ***)



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Your art is truly amazing :D <3 
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You are amazing. Your artworks are great. I love your style.
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A 31 year dry spell? Now I don't feel so guilty taking a four year hiatus for college. Doesn't it feel great to draw everyday? I finally got back into drawing like I did in high school, even though I lost a lot during my hiatus. Your art is incredible and your style is remarkable! Keep on drawing and doing what you love!
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What an incredible gallery you have!
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