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Leopard Tree by teiirka
Leopard Tree
10" x 13" color pencil

Dag-nabit! I shudda knowed better than to buy anythin' from that door-to-door tree and cat salesman! *walks out on porch and shakes cane* "Dang leopard, get outta my tree!!!" *throws old shoe* . *mumbles* third one this week....

Another so-so photo. I'll replace it with a scan sometime this week.
This is something of a speed draw. I used some techniques experimentally to see if I can get a reasonably complex piece out in a week or less. Forewent a lot of my usual fur detail and went with a lot of shading. 
I'll be picking at this for a couple more days.
Been wanting to practice leopard spots for ever now. Still need practice so got another one planned soon.

As always, comments
It was Just A Game by teiirka
It was Just A Game
9" x 12" color pencil and a bit of Copic marker.

This is just a photo but isn't bad but I will be getting a scan Monday and repost the file.

She may be for sale at MFF.

I wrote the following narrative the morning I finished this piece.

It was just a game. Played by she and her sister countless times over many human lifetimes. It was just a game, to pass the time, a challenge by each in turn. A human was chosen by one, and the other would craft a mask that would allow her to take the human form most appealing to the chosen. Then she would have a “chance” meeting with him to start. He of course would want to get to know her better but she would resist at first and string him along. She would tease him, build his hopes and desires, then dash them, only to repeat the process. Humans were so easy to fool, so lustful, so petty, so blind to the world about them. Ultimately, she would take the relationship as far as marriage, or really just to the ceremony, then she would vanish, leaving him heartbroken and mournful. But they deserved it those humans. If only they could learn to truly see….
It was only a game and started like all the others but somehow, felt different from the beginning. He seemed interested but puzzlingly, resisted her charms. She continued but he remained cool to her but polite. She knew he was interested but didn’t know what was wrong, so finally she changed her method and approached him as she wished he would. 
He continued to resist but finally relented and agreed to have a meal with her and talk. 
But it did not go like she planned and talk was all that occurred even though she tried to take it further. She came away confused but somehow with grudging respect for this man… and a desire to continue the relationship, not because of the game, the challenge, but for herself. 
Her sister questioned her relationship with the chosen but she denied any true feelings for him. But she knew she was lying for the feelings that were kindled within her, feelings she had never experienced before were real. And she craved more of them.
But her sister also suspected the truth and kept a close watch, for this was something not of the true nature of their kind….. and she began to resent what her sister was experiencing.
Though not her true name, he knew her by Miko and he finally started letting his feelings toward her show and the relationship blossomed. It was no longer a game now, but something deep and real….. and her sisters resentment grew to become true jealousy.
Ultimately, they mutually came to the agreement that they were to be wed and a small, private ceremony was planned. But when the time came to exchange vows. Her sister appeared unexpectedly, approached the couple in human guise of her own,
and without a word, reached out, grabbed the mask which only she could see, and dashed it to the floor, breaking the mask and the image spell, revealing to all present, her true nature. 
Horrified at the thought of what her love might be thinking, all she could think to say was “ I am so sorry, it wasn’t suppose to be like this” then turned and ran. 
She had not noticed his expression when she was revealed though and it was not what she would have thought, for he was one of the rare humans that could “see”.
He had known from the beginning what she was but just played along for a while till he noticed the change within her then nurtured the change till he was sure it was real, then let the rest take its course. 
She ran but he unexpectedly pursued, calling to her, “MIKO!” repeatedly and pleading for her to stop. But she made it to the woods and disappeared, making her way to her home ground where she collapsed in the agony of pure heartbreak and sorrowed made all the poignant by the fact that it was nothing she had ever experienced before. 
“Miko,Miko, Miko” Kept repeating itself in her mind and she couldn’t make it stop. Then she wept, something almost unknown to her hind. She would return to him if she could but the mask was broken and could never be repaired nor could it ever be recreated, it would never be the same.
So she sat in the growing gloom of evening, oblivious to all but her pain and the name Miko that was still echoing within her mind.
A lone fire, where once there would have been many, hovered about her, dimmed but still an unerring beacon to the one who continued to search for her.

Comments and critique are welcome as always.
Paladin commission by teiirka
Paladin commission
9" x 13" color pencil with a very small amount of micron pen and gel pen.

This was a private commission so PLEASE, no critique. General comments OK.
I will be making a couple more adjustments and get a rescan and repost.

The following narrative does not represent the true meaning of this piece to the commissioner but was my own interpretation of the scene and written one evening on the fly.

A full moon brightened the night sky and the cool Fall breeze that blew in through the un-shuttered window behind her, whipped her long auburn mane about playfully. But the mood within the room was far from cheerful.
She gazed down upon his still form for but a moment, then turned her head. She bore an expression, not of satisfaction as one might expect after serving retribution to the one responsible for the murder of close kin, but with regret tinged with perhaps a bit of sorrow. She should not have felt that way, for he deserved to die ten times over for the fell deeds he had committed. But in the short time she was part of his “pride”, she came to see in him, at least a few redeeming qualities. Most often, he was soft spoken and kind, generous, jovial, and when in his presence at those times, his mood seemed to be imparted to those about him, willing or not. And he was handsome...for a lion, and when sharing his bed, as was one of the purposes of his captive harem, he was gentile and thoughtful, caring. If only.....
But none of that mattered now, the deed was done and it was time to return home. But not until the other members of the pride had been released from their gilded cages and clothed, properly, not in a bed linen like the one she now wore. For attire of any kind besides jewelry, was, for the pride members, strictly forbidden within the estate. But she had resolved not to face him this one last time on his terms and donned the only thing available. 
And she would also make sure the others would be compensated for their forced time here, handsomely, with the wealth that abounded within.
But she, she would take little more than the two things which she now held, the pendant which bore her family crest and was to be worn by the heir to the family holdings, her late sister’s. Now her’s.
The other thing was the black bladed sword which she now held, her former Masters and that through which he had gained his wealth and power. It was known by the name “Soul Bane”, as it was said, in hushed whispers, to imprison the souls of those slain by it. And the one that brandished it was able to command or sway the actions of those he wished.
She had doubted that rumor, believing little in the old tails of magic and sorcery, things that had been fading from the world for centuries. But that doubt was squelched the moment she laid hand upon the hilt of the dark blade..... and felt her sisters presence, and heard in her mind above the myriad of others, her desperate plea for release.
Yes, the sword must go with her. The first reason so was with it, she would be able to command the guards that were present within and without and facilitate their departure without challenge. Second and foremost though, she needed to find a way to release the souls held captive by the fell weapon. And she felt certain that it would take more than just the breaking of the blade to do so.
She had spent many months tracking the route her kidnapped sister had been taken. And a few more weeks to devise a way to get inside and make her way out with her sister. But little had she know, that she was already too late, as her sister had been slain while trying to escape but a week before her arrival to the city in which they now resided. And she did not learn of it till after she had arranged to be “sold” to the Master and had been taken into the Den. There she met the rest of the pride and quickly learned of her sisters fate.
Yes, it was now time to go home.....for the others, but not her. Not yet. For she now had the task ahead of finding someone versed enough in the mystic arts to unravel the powerful and complex threads of magic that would be required to create such a cursed weapon.
She knew it would be an arduous task and may lead her to lands far more remote and dangerous than those she was in now. But she knew she would prevail, she had to, for only then could she return home...
Green Fields, Blue Skies, and....
9" x 12" color pencil, micron pen and white gel pen. Like always, I got into this way more than I wanted. Wish it wasn't so colorful. But I had fun! I like drawing nekid skunk. This is #3.

This is a photo but not too bad.

Hmmmm, are skunk ever depicted clothed? 

This will be for sale at the RMFC art show... maybe. Ro if anyone is interested in her now, note me.
Desert Temptation by teiirka
Desert Temptation
10" x 14" color pencil, brown micron pen and white gel pen

This is a commission for Averious 
Took way longer than I expected on this, mostly agonizing over the background. 

This is just a photo and a bit out of focus. Took it into town and got a scan but their scanner killed the red!

I don't do commissions often but he caught me at the right time, so it doesn't hurt to ask if you are interested. I'm now gonna do quick pinup then try and get a piece or two of backlog work done. Then I wanna get to the mythical creatures I promised.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an anthro / traditional artist. I draw mostly realistic using color pencil but am starting to experiment with mixed media.
In Highschool-mid 70's- I experimented with various media buy settled with graphite or ink-mostly ink. stopped drawing in 1979. A youg fox I know got me started again March 2010.(A 31 year dry spell) Tried color pencil for the first time and have used nothing else since. I draw almost daily but complete a pic only once every week or 2 as I have a tendancy to do rather large pics with heavy detail. I don't care if it takes me so long, it's what I like doing.
I very much welcome critique, good or bad, especially the nit-picking kind as it is how I learn.
No formal art ed. I just learn by doing. Right now I try and do something a little different each pic.

(*** Will post of my stuff this weekend. Mostly whats posted on FA. Finaly getting active on DA. Yea! ***)



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Faber-Castell color pencils, yes. I sometimes use a bit of Copic marker as a base or to help shade or micron pen, but not much.
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