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Overlook by teiirka
9" x 13" (22.9cm x 33cm) color pencil

Eyes forever drawn southward across the plains, the young shaman searches for what his visions have hinted, a lone rider on the distant horizon. 
It has been 3 seasons since his intended mate vanished without a trace and though most say she is dead, he feels in his heart that his dream-sight foretells otherwise.
So, as he can, he makes the trek to the overlook, for without doing so, the vision could never come to pass.

This piece is related to "Cane Me, Chain Me, You'll Never Tame Me" Chain me, cane Me, You'll Never Tame Me.   WIP 3 by teiirka

Rock. Dirty Big Rock! Stupid dirty big rock! He took 4 days, the rock took 9! A lot of experimentation here in several areas and I did learn quite a bit.

I also think I finally made a wolf that actually resembles a wolf. I think.

Gonna be for sale at TFF 2015

As always critique and comments welcome.
Acceptance by teiirka
10" x 12" color pencil

This is the matching piece for The Offering by teiirka though they will be sold separately. They will be for sale at t Texas Furry Fiesta next month.

******NOTE:  The pair, "The Offering" and "Acceptance" are for sale now, together. They are a bit pricey but I'd take payments.  I've had some think it a crime to break up the set. Note me if you're seriously interested. *******

Got a little to busy with the foreground but overall, I'm fairly happy with this piece. 
I'll be picking at her for the next few days, so any critique or suggestions are welcome.

I mad at least a dozen changes to "The Offering" after I first posted it. Still haven't got the file updated though.
The Offering by teiirka
The Offering
10" x 14" color pencil

To the Gnam Mi, red is a sacred color. Before the blood red sun touches the horizon, it heralds it and its life giving warmth and lights return by staining the high peaks crimson like the fangs of a victorious hunter fresh from the kill. Red, the color of flesh and the life giving fluid that flows within the blessed beasts that sustains Their people. 
The Flower of life, the first to bloom on the distant valley floors in the spring is the sacred color. And it is used to show a suitors love for a perspective mate, as well as his physical worth, as he must travel great distances in little time, to present the gift while it is still vibrant, un-wilted. 
If it is accepted, he braids it into her mane and they return to their village and the holy 
man for their blessing.

Loved working on this piece, the colors are my favorite to work with!

Gave this guy a mature rating because male dangly parts are peeking. XD

Starting work on the 'mate' to this piece tonight. :)  ****Mate piece completed!  Acceptance by teiirka   ****
This should be for sale at TFF in Feb.

Comments and critique welcome, it's how I learn and improve. 

Daina by teiirka
10" x 14" color pencil on smooth bristol

A long overdue gift for my friend   Teh-evil-tigress Psssst...Give her a watch!

A lot of experimentation and haphazard attempt at lighting and shadows.
I'm calling her done enough to post but I will be picking at it for a few days, especially the back ground.

My photo light stopped working, so the colors came our quite poor. Ate most of the blue in all the shading which really made things pop, especially the wings. I'll try and get a good scan and repost Monday.

I really had fun doing the wings and they weren't to time consuming, just tried not to over think them. I love working with white and grays and browns and black and the wings made me want to do a snow leopard :D been wanting to do one for a while but now a gotta do. A male this time. Gonna sketch tonight and Hopefully start color tomorrow.

Critique and comments always welcome.
Onyx 'n Jade by teiirka
Onyx 'n Jade
11' x 14" color pencil

She is an Iberian lynx, a critically endangered species. I thought I knew a lot about cats and thought I knew all the species but I had never heard of an iberian lynx till I started the project last weekend. The iberian lynx used to be considered a lynx sub species but in recent years, has been classified as a separate species. They are native to only the iberian peninsula. Last count I could find shows only about 300 left in the wild. 

At birth, her father wanted to call her Onyx because of her jet black hair that glistened like onyx. Her mother wished to call her Jade because of her rare green eyes. She got both.

Kitties in trees, bows and arrows, and big green orbs, all popular subjects, so I combined them in hopes of something popular X 3. :)

Yeah, yeah, bow is being held weird, what can I tell you, this started out as a simple purdy pin-up and I ended up with this. I will be picking at this for the next week or so.

She will be in the MFF 2014 art show but NFS. 

This is just a photo and has lost a lot of detail resolution. I'll get a good scan later and repost.

I'd never have come to make this had   kellicjtiger not posted a lynxish drawing I did on a table covering last year at MFF. That one will be for sale at the MFF charity auction this year. 

Critique/comments always welcome.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an anthro / traditional artist. I draw mostly realistic using color pencil but am starting to experiment with mixed media.
In Highschool-mid 70's- I experimented with various media buy settled with graphite or ink-mostly ink. stopped drawing in 1979. A youg fox I know got me started again March 2010.(A 31 year dry spell) Tried color pencil for the first time and have used nothing else since. I draw almost daily but complete a pic only once every week or 2 as I have a tendancy to do rather large pics with heavy detail. I don't care if it takes me so long, it's what I like doing.
I very much welcome critique, good or bad, especially the nit-picking kind as it is how I learn.
No formal art ed. I just learn by doing. Right now I try and do something a little different each pic.

(*** Will post of my stuff this weekend. Mostly whats posted on FA. Finaly getting active on DA. Yea! ***)



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trozeles Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
I need to say, I love your work
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Brilliant work =^.^=
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Thanks for the watch my friend! :)
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I usually check out the home pages of my watchers but sometimes this gets overlooked. You my friend, have a fascinating page. And you write! I love to write but my art takes precedence by a few precent but I set aside a month at least once a year for it. I do take the time to read though and I plan on reading through your works, especially after clicking on one of your pieces at random and finding it had received a DD!  I look forward to the reads and giving you faves for a change!  :)
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Thank you, I'm thrilled that you're interested! I'm actually going to be hosting my annual story illustration contest soon (this year will be the fifth), and if you have the time for it I'd be thrilled to see you enter! :)
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Your art is truly amazing :D <3 
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You are amazing. Your artworks are great. I love your style.
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A 31 year dry spell? Now I don't feel so guilty taking a four year hiatus for college. Doesn't it feel great to draw everyday? I finally got back into drawing like I did in high school, even though I lost a lot during my hiatus. Your art is incredible and your style is remarkable! Keep on drawing and doing what you love!
Destiny3000 Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
What an incredible gallery you have!
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Do you do art trades?
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